Sales And Marketing -Management - BRAND DEVELOPMENT

J.W. Sales & Marketing, a food brokerage company, was founded in 1995 by Jeff Weisberg. Our mission was to identify and fill the void of natural, specialty & organic foods for conventional supermarkets and their consumers. Since our inception, our company tenet is to educate our customers by identifying market opportunities and address the expectations and pent up demand of the educated consumer. Our staff and our vendor partners promote the benefits of their value added products and deliver a message of quality, sustainability, health, and awareness of the environment.  By advocating this approach, we have assisted in forging a new direction at retail by enhancing the product mix and therefore the profitability of the conventional retailer.

J.W. Sales & Marketing employs a unique approach as to the representation and sales aspect of our company; we do not envision ourselves just as “brokers”, we provide many value added services and go beyond the "typical" role of the broker. Our relationships in our markets are broad, ranging from independent specialty retailers to the largest U.S. retail supermarket chain and specialty food distributors.  Our founder, Jeff Weisberg is the former President of a $300 million wholesale food distribution business. We understand business and reinforce our objectives by being the best conduit between the manufacturer and the retailer. We also utilize our skills to get authorizations and create space allocation through the most economical means.

J.W. Sales & Marketing is a category captain in N&O frozen and dairy for many of our customers. We assist in the development and implementation of schematics that reflect the most current and viable product mix whether or not we represent the brand.  We base our recommendations on our own experience and by utilizing national and regional information such as “Spins & IRI”. In some cases we believe in what our founder, Jeff Weisberg, coined as the “Integrated/Segregated” set.  We prefer our products “integrated” with conventional goods providing we have a “billboard.” We conduct a periodic analysis to determine which products within a particular genre will perform better outside of the “Integrated/Segregated” set. Many times, we do break apart categories and take the items that have the highest potential for success and propose full integration. Our value added services include, merchandisers at the retail level and training for buyers, department heads and store managers. J.W. Sales & Marketing also manages inventories at outside warehouses as an alternative to DSD which enables the retailer to pick products up as needed, at truckload prices. Additional information is available on request. We look forward to working with you in the near future.